Once upon a time someone just called it "Tech House From The Jungle"... But the atmosphere you will discover while listening to the sound of this sympathic duo haling from Germany is hard to describe. Ethnical and tribal elements combined with forward pushing tech house grooves have branded their sound for the last years.

Famous Djs like Steve Lawler, Anthony Pappa and Wally Lopez already discovered the special style of this duo for themselves. With Feedback from Producers like Steve Mac, Ken Fan and Danny Tenaglia they managed to get their sound out to be played at some of the worlds best club locations and CD compilations.

Sometimes soothing and mysterious, sometimes pushing the crowd forward like a train but still 100% connected with the dancefloor. 2011 was the most successful year for the duo until now. With tracks signed to Viva Music, Rrygular and Formula Rec they could add some more sounds to their repertoire of quality releases.

- 2012 -
Sascha Riot - Nothing But Love (Denied Remix) - INTACTO
S. Kerkhoff & Sidney Charles - Rouge Elements (Denied Remix) - Opossum
One Night In Space EP - Toofunk Recordings
Einsauszwei - Just Missed (DENIED Remix) - Ellie the Cat Records
- 2011 -
The Glorified Boondocks EP - Rrygular
Mark Jackus - Papua New Guinea (DENIED Remix) - Freitag Limited
Luca Bernardi - Fish & Chips (DENIED Remix) - Formula Records
Ego Valente - Backyard Snitch (DENIED Remix) - Bedroom Muzik
Chickasaw - Ethnica EP - VIVa MUSiC
Les Strobelights - Mambo (DENIEDs No4 Remix) - Pitch Bend Recordings
World Cup EP - Groovemasters
- 2010 -
Kukabolika Homo Sapiens - Kukabolika EP - Technomafia Records
Munich EP - Technomafia Records
Las Vacaciones EP - Insektenmusik